USB قابل لإعادة الشحن في الهواء الطلق مصباح يدوي كابل USB (بدون بطارية)

اللون:  أسود


نموذج عام2022-2023
مادةمتال , جلاس
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[Lens material] : Optical lens
[Working gear] : 3 (strong, weak, flash)
【 Product size 】 : 24.6x6x3.5cm
27.1x6x3.5cm (length after zoom)
[Applicable battery] : 26650x2/18650x2
【 Waterproof class 】 : IP5
【 Lumen brightness 】 : 4000 lumens
[Product power] : 30W
[Material] : Aluminum alloy
[Operating voltage] : 7.4V
[Product color] : Black
【 Can direct charge 】 : USB direct charge
【 Focus or not 】 : Telescopic focus
[Switch position] : intermediate push-button switch (switch with 4 power displays, each light displays 25% power)
【 Flashlight packaging 】 : small white box
【 Product net weight 】 : 360gg (Single flashlight)
[Product gross weight] : 415g (flashlight, USB cable, small white box)
[Set weight] : 485g (flashlight, USB cable, 18650 battery, small white box)
Weight: 574g (flashlight, USB cable, 26650 battery, small white box)
1.P70 lamp bead, high brightness up to 4000 lumens, service life of 100,000 hours;
2. Convex lens: Eagle eye convex lens, good light transmission performance, not easy to damage, strong aluminum attack head protection lens from wear
3. Telescopic zoom: left and right stretch head can zoom, astigmatism - focus mode, easy to use in different situations;
4. Middle switch: high quality natural rubber material, surface anti-slip treatment, touch the switch to switch lighting mode;
5. Battery contact: battery contact design, good electrical conductivity, effectively prevent bad contact.