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نموذج عام2022-2023
مادةالسليكا هلام , نظام الفرامل المانعة للانغلاق
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Rated voltage/current: 5V 1000mA
Battery capacity: 1200mAh (18650 lithium battery)
Material: silicone, ABS
LED lights: 8

Product size: 9.4*9.2*20.2cm
Color box size: 9.7*9.5*20.7cm

Weight: 0.3KG
Product characteristics
1. This product is a charging lamp, which can be recharged and used.
2. This product is divided into colorful lights, which can be adjusted according to personal preferences.
3. This product is soft and cute, and can also be used as decoration.

Instructions for use

Power switch description: Press the switch, light (color is warm white); Press the switch again and the light goes off.

Timing function

Press and hold the power button, and the warm yellow indicator blinks twice to enable the 3-hour timing function.

If not, press the power button again to turn off the timing function.
Tap the product to adjust the lighting change

When the power switch is on and the light is warm white

The first beat, the light color three seconds gradient;

For the second time, the color of the light stays in the color of the beat;

The third beat, the light is off; Fourth beat, warm white light, repeat cycle.

Charging time: about 3 hours (the charging time is related to the output current of the charger used)

Use time: warm white light can be used for about 10 hours, colorful light can be used for about 11 hours.

Charging indicator: red light flashing (charging), red light long (full)